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Adoption Nutrition
Why SPOON Foundation?


Our mission is to improve nutrition and feeding for orphans and vulnerable children so they may grow and develop to their full potential.
We seek to:

There are peak periods neonatally and in early childhood when parts of the brain are shaped. The same goes for other key organs and bodily systems. When proper nutrition is lacking during these critical times, development malfunctions.

Anemia and poor growth are common in institutionalized children. In some orphanages SPOON has visited, well over half of the children had at least one nutritional deficiency such as anemia or stunted growth. There is overwhelming evidence that cognitive and physical abilities are delayed in kids who are experiencing undernutrition. The implications are particularly critical for orphans who, when demonstrating significant delays and/or diagnoses, are less likely to be selected by families for adoption.

Urgent Need

Although nutritional intervention alone can prevent and/or eradicate certain (often debilitating) conditions and delays, proper nutrition isn't enough for a child to grow. A child must receive loving attention from caregivers. Mealtimes provide an ideal situation for the kind of caring interaction that, along with good nutrition, can promote growth.

Providing orphans, foster, and vulnerable children with improved feeding and nutrition is one of the simplest solutions for improving the quality and length of their lives. Yet until SPOON Foundation, there has not been an organized effort to identify the nutritional needs of these children and to fill that critical gap. Our focus also includes nutrition and feeding needs of international adoptees and foster children, groups now being studied for the first time. We are among the first to disseminate current research and practical guidance to adoptive parents, helping them meet the unique nutritional needs of their children.